PUBG’s “War Mode” gets a revival for the weekend

War comes to Miramar this time

One of the most famous modes of PUBG, “War” is back for the weekend! But this time, the War Mode which has been named “Desert Knights” will take place in Miramar. This will be the first time when this map will be having The War Mode.

War Mode is basically a Team-deathmatch kind of scenario where the players respawn to make an attempt to earn the highest score for their teams. The team which reaches the specified score is announced the winner.

What’s new with the War Mode?

The War Mode of PUBG will be having a few changes this time around while some rules will remain the same. The most noticeable change will be the number of teams and teammates. Last time, there used to be a death-match featuring three, 10-person squads. This time, the new Mode will feature ten, 5-person squads. A greater number of teams and fewer teammates is what it the new mode really brings. In addition to that, the player will have to wait for 40 seconds to respawn and join the battle again. Injuring or killing a teammate will cause a loss of 5 points. The winning score is still set at 200. In case no team makes it to the required mark, then the team with the highest score will automatically become the winner at the end of the match.

The loot, as always, will be randomly assigned to the players. But some perks that they will be cherishing this time are the level-three helmet and vest and two grenades. Each player will also spawn with one random weapon from the care package. The package includes AWM, Mk14, M24, M249, AUG and Groza.

One thing that is to be noted is that The War Mode: Desert Knights is exclusive to PC. The War Mode will commence from May 3 at 10 p.m. EDT and will go through May 6 at 10 p.m. EDT. The War Mode is here only for the weekend, so make sure you don’t miss it out.

What are your reviews for The War Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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PUBG’s “War Mode” gets a revival for the weekend

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