PUBG Update 22 Adds a Rank System, Deploys on Live Servers in October

Earlier today, update 22 for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds went live on the test servers. After a long wait, an official ranking system has finally been added to PUBG. Map selection has returned and a new skin trade up feature has also been added.

Rank System

Thanks to this new mechanic, players will now be able earn ranks as they play matches. A total of eight ranks are available, with the lowest Bronze and the highest Grandmaster. A player’s rank is calculated based on their¬† rank points. At the start of every season, you will have to play ten placement matches which will decide your starting rank and rank points.

PUBG Rank System
Rank List

Similar to the rank system seen in the mobile version of the game, rank promotion or demotion depends on your total rank points. Currently, separate matchmaking for ranked does not exist, meaning that every match you play will affect your rank.

Update 22 also marks the return of map selection. While this feature is not new to PUBG, it was removed alongside the addition of Sanhok. Now, map selection is back with a new ‘Quick Join’ feature that puts you in the first game available on any map. Additionally, a skin trade up system has been added. At the cost of a varying amount of BP, players can trade up ten same-tier items for one item of the next tier. The skin trade up system is currently in testing, and will be improved once the developers are satisfied with its balance.

PUBG Skin Trade Up
Skin Trade Up

Throwables/Healing Wheel Menu

A new wheel menu has been added for quick and easy access to healing and throwable items. Similar in working to the emote menu, two different wheel menus for throwables and healing items can be accessed at the push of a button. On the network side of things, three alert icons which represent high latency, packet loss, and latency variation have been added.

PUBG Throwable Wheel Menu
Throwable Wheel Menu

The rest of the update contains a large number of bug fixes, performance improvements, and a handful of quality of life changes. Check out the announcement post to view the full list of patch notes. Update 22 is expected to release on live servers in early October.


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