PUBG Update #12 adds a new muscle car, rifle and changes to Miramar

One of the biggest patches to PUBG, both in terms of content and size, has been announced. The patch notes are available on the PUBG steam community page. The update is available to play on the Test server, but Bluehole plans to push it to the live build after further testing.

Map selection

With the Savage map being added to the game soon, PUBG will have a total of three playable maps. To improve the user experience, a map selection feature has been added. Selecting a map from the list will guarantee you’ll play there. The main menu UI has also been updated for a streamlined and cleaner look.

The update brings major changes to gunplay by adjusting how the guns work. Assault rifles have reduced damage values. SMGs have increased damage and they are now more effective in short range combat. All pistols and LMGs received a damage buff and shotguns are slightly more effective. The chart below shows the exact values that were updated.

Other gameplay changes include the removal of level three helmets from floor loot. Adrenaline syringes can now be found anywhere and have a lowered cast time. All grenades except frags now weigh less. Detailed statistics of all the changes can be found here.

New vehicle – Mirado

The ‘Mirado’, a four-seat muscle car, is the new Miramar exclusive vehicle. The design choice behind this vehicle was to offset the existence of the highly durable van and the off-road capabilities of the pickup. The Mirado is best suited for traveling at high speeds down highways.

New rifle – SLR

The SLR is a high powered DMR that can be found scattered across the map. It uses 7.62mm rounds and has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds (20 with an extended mag). Bluehole describes this gun as a stronger SKS with increased recoil.

More weapon attachments

  • Duckbill – A new attachment for shotguns (S1897, S12K). It reduces the vertical pellet spread but increases horizontal bullet spread
    • Attachable to S1897, S12K
  • Light Grip – It reduces recoil recovery time but increases vertical and horizontal recoil
    • Attachable to ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Thumb Grip – It reduces vertical recoil but increases horizontal recoil. It also increases the recoil recovery time
    • Attachable to – ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Half Grip – It reduces vertical and horizontal recoil and also reduces recoil recovery time
    • Attachable to – ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, Vector, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Scope 3x – This scope has fixed 3x magnification with an illuminated reticle. It’s discoverable as a common world-drop item
  • Scope 6x – This scope has variable 3x–6x magnification. It’s discoverable as a rare world-drop item.

Multiple weapon reticles

The reticle styles on the red-dot, holographic sight, and 2x scope can be changed using Page Up and Page Down by default.

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