PUBG: Sale and Updates

PUBG is an online Multiplayer Battle Royale Game which was released on 23rd March, 2017. It has already sold 30 million copies on PC and 3 million on Xbox One. Every match comprises of approximately 100 players landing on an Island to find resources and weapons for their survival. Each and every player has to survive on their own (well that mainly depends on the Game mode, duo and team matches are also there). The thrill of the game is to eliminate other players and be the last one to stand.

The good news for the Xbox One players is that PUBG is available to be purchased for only $20 on Newegg right now by using the promo code EMCPTRV56. So, you guys better grab your copy before it goes back to its original price of $60.

Another great news for all the PUBG fans out there is that the 12th update has already been rolled out. For now, it is only available on the test servers of PUBG but is expected to be rolled out soon. This update comes with a lot of stuff like new weapons, attachments, map selection option and new vehicles. A new Muscle car ‘Mirado’ has been included which you can now use to crush your enemies (or travel you might say). You’ll be able to find it on the city highways probably. New attachments include Scope 6x and Scope 3x and few grips to increase your performance by decreasing the coil. But the feature which will be cherished the most is the option of being able to choose a map on your own from the menu.

Players will have two options, they can either choose a single map or multiple maps which will then be assigned randomly. Two maps are available for now but the third, tropical themed one, would be rolled out any time this year. Hope you guys have a good time surviving!

Aaron Michael
Aaron Micheal is an electrical engineer by profession and a hard-core gamer by passion. His exceptional experience with computer hardware and profound knowledge in gaming makes him a very competent writer. What makes him unique is his growing interest in the state of the art technologies that motivates him to learn, adopt, and integrate latest techniques into his work.

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PUBG: Sale and Updates

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