PUBG Removes Snowbike From Vikendi Due to “Critical Issues”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched its third map, Vikendi, last month. The snow-themed map brought with it new content and a winter twist to the battle royale. Last week, PUBG developers announced the new additions the game will receive in the upcoming update. Today, update 25 went live and added the Bizon, a new sight, and the Vikendi moonlight mode. The snowbike, however, was unable to make it to the live servers of PUBG PC.


The highly-anticipated snowbike for Vikendi was removed due to “critical issues negatively impacting gameplay”. According to the developers, the vehicle will not return until the issues are fixed.

PUBG players who tried out the snowbike on test servers will know that the vehicle was highly unstable. The lack of performance optimization of the snowbike was causing players attempting to ride the vehicle to be thrown into the sky. While many fans are disappointed to hear the news, it’s actually a positive thing that a buggy feature was stopped from being added to the live servers. After all, that’s what test servers are for.

There are, however, a handful of new additions made by today’s update. The 9mm Bizon submachine gun was added alongside a new sight. The canted sight is a new sight that fits on weapons with a secondary scope slot. With the release of the update, weapon position and view angles were tweaked to support the canted sight. Players using ‘Hold to ADS’ should note that, as a result of conflicting keybinds, they will be unable to switch to the canted sight during ADS.

Aside from that, update 25 addressed item balance on Vikendi and made numerous quality of life changes. Most notably, players will be able to select a default firing mode settings for weapons prior to picking them up. Check out the full list of patch notes for the rest of the changes.

Farhan Ali
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