PUBG Players Face Extreme Matchmaking Issues Following Recent Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a huge player base across the globe which is beginning to cause problems following a recent update. Some notable additions of last week’s update 22 for the PC version of the game include a ranking system, clothing trade-up, and the now controversial removal of the server selection feature. As a result of the change, PUBG players, specifically from western countries, have reported inconsistencies in matchmaking and are requesting that China be region locked.

Chinese players are notorious within the PUBG community for their cheats and hacking tools, which is why players from nearly every area want a region lock mechanic for China put in place. The new matchmaking system that came alongside update 22 locked player matchmaking to their specific region. While this seems perfectly normal in theory, issues come up when a player squads up with someone from another region. This causes many players to be thrown into the incorrect server region, resulting in a horrendous gameplay experience filled with lag and other network issues.

Players all across the world are facing this problem and are voicing their concerns on Reddit. PUBG players residing in North America have reported abnormal pings and consistent matchmaking with Chinese players. Another North American player claims that they were matched with a random teammate from Ukraine. Unfortunately, the issues are not limited to matchmaking, as players have also reported “insane” de-sync issues following update 22.

As is evident from all the complaints, the new matchmaking system is definitely not working as intended. A hotfix patch was released to alleviate the problem, but no further information was shared by the developers. The situation isn’t as bad for some players, however, as Russian players say that queue times and matchmaking has improved on Russian servers following the update.

As improper updates continue to worsen the gameplay experience, fans have begun to doubt whether the developers are taking the FIX PUBG campaign seriously.

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PUBG Players Face Extreme Matchmaking Issues Following Recent Update

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