PUBG PC Update 26 Adds Two New Vehicles, Flare Guns Available in Normal Matches

The latest update to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is now live after trialing for a week on the test servers. Update 26 for the battle royale marks the addition of two Vikendi-exclusive vehicles, Zima and Snowbike. Additionally, the flare gun has been nerfed and is now a regular world spawning item.

Zima and Snowbike

The vehicles currently available in Vikendi don’t really fit the environment too well. Although the snowbike was supposed to be added in the last patch, it was removed last minute due to “critical issues negatively impacting gameplay”.

With update 26, Vikendi will receive the long-awaited snowbike as well as the new Zima 4×4. Compared to other vehicles, the Zima is much easier to drive on Vikendi’s snowy terrain. The vehicle is quite tough, but the added armor makes it relatively slow.

The snowbike, on the other hand, is a smaller vehicle designed to speed across the snow plains of Vikendi. The snowbike and Zima replace motorbikes and UAZs on Vikendi, respectively.

Flare Guns

Previously an event-only item, the flare gun is now a rare world spawning item in PUBG. For the most part, the tool’s functionality remains the same. However, acting on player feedback, the developers have adjusted the flare gun to be more balanced, specifically in the early game.

Now, the flare gun will only successfully deliver a care package if it’s used after the first blue zone phase. Furthermore, when a player calls in a care package, their location will be marked and surrounding players will be notified.

If used while outside the current safe zone, an armored UAZ will be delivered instead of a care package. The vehicle, however, will not be indicated on the map. Additionally, the spawn rate of the flare gun is different on each map.

Following lots of player complaints, season two of the survivor pass has been extended to March 19th 2019.

On the technical front, update 26 brings numerous fixes and performance improvements. Although a fix for the issue of rate of fire being tied to FPS isn’t ready yet, developers say that it is not far. A “new experimental mechanism” is in development, but an official release has not been revealed. Check out the official patch notes for the full list of additions and changes.

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