PUBG Overhauls Loot Boxes, Gets Rid of Locked Crates

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is making big changes to its crate system. Responding to player feedback, developer PUBG Corp. is now completely removing locked crates from the battle royale.

Similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG currently has loot crates which can be opened with keys. Keys are purchased with real money, and the quality of the item unboxed in the crate varies a lot. Three big changes are being made to address the lack of “enjoyment” players gain from opening crates.

Firstly, Random Crates purchased via BP, PUBG’s in-game currency, will no longer give players locked crates. This change comes into effect next month on December 18th. Any locked crates and keys currently in player inventories or market circulation will remain unaffected. Furthermore, crates will retain the trade value of the highest tier item contained in the drop list.

“The value of marketable loot box in PUBG is solely determined by the users and getting items through the marketplace or selling them back is also part of the PUBG experience,” the update blog reads. “However, the value of the locked crates are very low among other PUBG items. This means that paid crates are not an appealing reward to players, making the experience of acquiring a locked crate less enjoyable.”

Additionally, contents of the regular BP crates have also been tweaked. Now, the lower tiers contain more “preferred skins”, and the overall graphic quality of skins has been upped. High tier loot items have also had their drop rate increased, but not enough to disrupt the market.

“We have been thinking about this carefully and we want to ensure that we steer clear of revenue models that fail to satisfy fans, especially if they include a low success rate. We will continue to tweak our business model where possible to offer more compelling value for the money you choose to spend with us.”

Alongside the changes, a new Venetian crate hits PUBG on November 20th. Read up on the item list and drop rates here.

Venetian Crate
Venetian Crate

PUBG Corp. hopes that fans are satisfied with the changes, and that they keep purchases in the game “a fun and rewarding experience”.


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