PUBG Mobile July update adds War Mode and a Clan system

The mobile version of the popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, received a significant update today. PUBG Mobile is a collaboration between PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games and brings the battle royale experience to mobile. Today, the game received a major update which added a new game mode as well as a clan system.

War Mode

Players who have played PUBG on PC will already be familiar with the basics of War Mode. For those who are unfamiliar, War Mode is essentially a deathmatch game mode in which winners are decided based off points. In War Mode, the play area is limited to a small portion of the map for the duration of the match. Players have to earn points by killing opponents, both downed or alive, or by saving a teammate. Teams of players respawn repeatedly until one team scores a total of 100 points.


The July update also adds a clan system. Through this, players can create clans and flaunt them with unique customizable icons. There is also a progression system which unlocks exclusive rewards as you climb up the ranks and complete challenges.

Apart from that, the update also contained a couple of other features. Only available on PC until now, the SLR Sniper Rifle is now available in PUBG Mobile. Alongside the weapon, new grip and scope accessories such as the thumb and light grips, 3x and 6x zoom scopes are also available. Moreover, PUBG Mobile now features a fully fledged achievement system. Players can now complete challenges to unlock achievements as well as earn exclusive in-game items. A bunch of new skins for player armor, weapons, planes and vehicle finishes have been added. The new region categorization feature lets players enlist in war zones sorted by geographical region. Important information such as nationality, clan and friend information are now visible on title screens.


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PUBG Mobile July update adds War Mode and a Clan system

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