PUBG HUD Map Markers Removed After Controversy Regarding Game Balance

Last week, developers of popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, made some changes to the in-game marker system. This change allowed players to place 3D markers that were visible on the HUD without even opening the map.

This major change to the marker system was scheduled to be launched with patch 19, but was put on hold due to negative feedback from players. After testing out the 3D markers, the community was divided; majority thought that the markers are a nice addition while the more skilled players claimed it was a huge advantage. Players responded on the PUBG sub-reddit and stated that the 3D markers can be used to pinpoint distances and communicate points of interest to your squad members too quickly and easily.

Today, developers made a post on the sub-reddit announcing the status of the marker system. Their reasoning for this update was “to make marking easier while supplementing call-outs and communication during fights.”

“Our team had lengthy discussions regarding this system, including how it affected gunplay, and we came to the conclusion that the new system needs some more tuning before it is ready for live servers,” says u/PUBG_Hawkinz. “We are going to make some adjustments to the marker system to minimize its effect on gunplay and will be putting a revised version back on the test servers soon for another round of testing and feedback.”

The post concludes thanking all players who played the test server and shared their feedback. Despite being such a controversial mechanic, PUBG Corp. was quick to respond and pulled it out of the main patch. Testing out new mechanics to avoid issues just like this one is the whole point of test servers. Hawkinz also states that the revised version of this mechanic will roll out in the next test server cycle. While many players still think that the new feature is perfect as it is, hopefully the next iteration will be balanced and pleases all players.

Farhan Ali
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