PUBG ‘Fix The Game’ Campaign Aims to Fix Bugs, Optimizations and QoL Improvements


In the current state of the game, it is clear to everyone that PUBG has a long way to go. While the developers have accomplished many milestones, the popular battle royale game is still plagued with bugs, desync issues, and lack of performance optimizations. To address all of these issues, and more, developer PUBG Corp. announced today a new campaign called “FIX PUBG”.

“This is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Since we released PUBG as an Early Access game last year, the game has grown exponentially, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have millions of incredibly passionate players like you. However, we haven’t always been able to meet your expectations. Simply put, the game still has many unresolved issues,” reads the announcement post.

“The bottom line is, you’re the reason for our success. You’ve stuck with us, and now it’s time for us to deliver the fixes you’ve been asking for.”


For the duration of this campaign, the developers aim to improve the player experience by addressing several issues. Aside from fixing bugs and improving optimization, the developers will share specifics about their progress and ETA’s.

To show their seriousness, the first update to be part of the campaign is now live. It includes several fixes and quality-of-life improvements that will help better the game:

  • Limb penetration will be implemented (if a player model’s hands or limbs are blocking a more vital area, bullets will now deal full damage for that area).

  • Graphics “sharpening” will be added as separate toggle in the settings.

  • You’ll be able to mute individual teammates while in-game.

  • Quality-of-life improvements are coming to colorblind mode.

  • Quality-of-life improvements are also coming to loot stack splitting (more control).

  • Vehicle sounds will be reduced when driving in first-person perspective.

  • You’ll be able to adjust your FPS cap (including by setting it to “uncapped”).

  • You’ll also be able to set your in-game FPS cap and lobby FPS cap separately.

A website was launched where the developers share an in-depth roadmap of the campaign. As these improvements are rolled out to PC, they will be carried over to the Xbox version over time.

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PUBG ‘Fix The Game’ Campaign Aims to Fix Bugs, Optimizations and QoL Improvements

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