Psychonauts 2 Nears Completion, Double Fine Preparing 2021 Launch

Psychonauts 2, the crowdfunded sequel to 2005’s platforming game by Double Fine, will finally release later this year. First announced during The Game Awards 2015, the new title was scheduled for release in 2019. A series of delays later, it appears that the game is finally set for a 2021 release.

A new development update shared by Double Fine gives us an insider look at the studio’s process. In the post, the team explains how they adapted during the pandemic, and how the whole working from home dynamic translated to development on the game. Despite the challenges, “Psychonauts 2 is doing well” and is on track for release in 2021. As of now, all of the levels in the game are complete and everything is playable from start to finish. All that remains now is ironing out bugs and generally polishing the game.

Double Fine also shared a video update led by founder Tim Schafer in which he explains how the team works together remotely. Schafer notes that the first Psychonauts game saw “one of the worst crunch modes we’ve ever done“, and he assures us that the team will not have to enter crunch mode for Psychonauts 2.

“One of the things that’s different on Psychonauts 2 is that we are committed as a studio to not having crunch mode,” he adds.

The holiday update video also showcases Double Fine’s remote work setup which involves a lot of Zoom calls. Throughout the video, Schafer can be seen playing the game as a team of developers watch and take notes. “It’s like I’m an internal game streamer now. I play the game and share it in a video conference and everyone just watches me play it,” says Schafer.

As for the game itself, Psychonauts 2 is very close to completion. Double Fine will use the following months to work on cutscenes, front-end menu, and other bits and bobs. The studio did not share an exact release date for the game, so it’s safe to say that the launch isn’t for another few months at least.

Farhan Ali
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