PlayStation VR2 Support Revealed for Resident Evil 4, Coming Late 23

Even though Capcom didn’t explicitly say it was bringing full PSVR 2 support when it announced the remake for PS5 back in June, the gameplay video was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, giving Resident Evil 4 full support with PSVR2 and increasing the game’s realism.

VR2 First Person Mode for RE4 | PlayStation

A virtual reality adaptation of the original Resident Evil 4 does exist, therefore it only makes sense that one be made for the remake. There is currently no scheduled release date.

A rapid knife action was followed by fluid gunplay that tipped the rifle to the side, suggesting that Leon might be a little nimbler than using a regular controller in the virtual reality clip. The villager with the chainsaw, who was only stopping himself with a knife, eventually confronted them.

VR Gameplay RE4 | PlayStation

At the conclusion of the trailer, it was revealed that the mode is now under development for PSVR2.

From what we can see so far, PS VR2 has had a tough time attracting consumers since its release earlier this year. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, has said it’s too soon to tell how well the headset is selling, although titles like Resident Evil 4 may provide some insight. Virtual reality (VR) tends to be somewhat of a niche technology, but today’s PlayStation Showcase included a few VR titles that could help stimulate more interest.

At $549, the PS VR2 is more expensive than the console itself, and some PlayStation fans may be hesitant to make such a large financial commitment. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, PlayStation will continue to offer further incentives for people to try out the headset.


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