PS5 Inventory Is Back to Normal, According to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently assured us that the PS5‘s supply issues would be resolved shortly and that we would see improved stock in the coming year. This is because the coming year will be competitive, with several new versions of the Xbox Series X and PS5 scheduled to be released, and Sony will undoubtedly be vying for the top spot in the console industry.

While it appears that the days of sorrow are now over, it is unclear whether Jim’s statement was referring to the global shortage. This is because he explicitly mentions Japan & Asia, however we have no information on the worldwide supply situation. Jim states:

We would like to report that we have resolved the long-term supply issues of the PlayStation 5 and we will be able to deliver to Japan and Asia customers from year-end shopping season and into 2023,”

This however doesn’t rule out the possibility of PlayStation importing stock from these areas and shipping it globally. Back in 2021, Sony shipped PS5 stock from Asia to the UK just in time to boost sales around the country for the holiday shopping season. 

It wasn’t just this year; things were considerably worse last year when the PS5 was significantly more difficult to obtain. Initially, the pandemic was to blame, but the shortage was exacerbated when scalpers drove up the price of these consoles. However, there is now a glimmer of hope that things may improve as a result of Jim’s announcement. In addition to this news, the inventory has also been steadily improving over the past few months.

Even though we’re seeing an improvement in the stock situation, things won’t be back to normal just yet because the shortage had such a significant impact on one thing: the price of the console, which is also not expected to change anytime soon.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and tell us if you believe Sony will be able to improve the situation globally by the beginning of next year.


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