Sony’s PS5 Sales Skyrocket with 6.3 Million Units Sold in Q4 FY22, Lifetime Sales Reach Impressive 38.4 Million Units

Today, Sony Corporation released its financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022, which ended on March 31, 2023. And it’s been quite a year for the gaming giant. Gaming division results show a significant increase in revenue but a decrease in operating income compared to the same period last year.

In the fourth quarter of FY22, Sony’s PlayStation division generated revenue of $8.11 billion, which is a remarkable increase of 61.3% YoY. This increase can be attributed to the strong demand for the company’s gaming hardware and software, especially the PlayStation 5 console. However, the operating income for the quarter was $294 million, which is a decrease of 55.4% YoY.

The PlayStation 5 has been a massive hit since its release, and this is reflected in the impressive numbers. In the last quarter alone, Sony shipped 6.3 million PlayStation 5s, representing a 215% YoY increase. In FY22, Sony shipped a record-breaking 19.1 million units of PlayStation 5. This impressive number not only surpassed Sony’s initial target of 19 million but also set a new milestone for the highest number of PlayStation 5s shipped in any fiscal year.

As of March 31, 2023, the PlayStation 5’s lifetime sales were 38.4 million, which is 1.6 million behind the PS4’s launch aligned. Other than that, PlayStation 5’s hardware sales increased by 4.3 million YoY. Additionally, the number of PlayStation Plus (PS+) subscribers increased by 1 million QoQ to 47.4 million (no growth in the number of subscribers year over year).

Looking ahead, Sony has set even higher goals for Fiscal Year 2023, with a forecast of shipping a record-breaking 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles. If achieved, this would mark the biggest single year for any PlayStation console ever.

The monthly active users (MAUs) for PlayStation increased by 2 million YoY, reaching 108 million. However, the MAUs decreased QoQ. The company sold 68 million software units in Q4, with 9.5 million of them being first-party titles. In FY22, the company sold 264.2 million software units, including 43.5 million first-party titles. The digital ratio was 67%, up 1% YoY.

For the full FY22, Sony’s PlayStation division generated revenue of $26.9 billion, which is a 33% YoY increase. However, the operating income for the full year was $1.84 billion, which is a decrease of 27.8% YoY. Despite this decrease, the company’s performance in FY22 was still impressive. 

What are your thoughts about Sony’s FY22 Q4 financial report and especially the strong sales performance of PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comment section below.


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