PS5 Reveal Event Set For Later This Week, Twitch Leak Suggests

Originally scheduled for June 4th, the PlayStation 5 reveal event was delayed by Sony to give attention to the global Black Lives Matter movement. The delay came just three days before the event, and Sony says it wanted to “stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.” A week later and we still don’t have any official update regarding the event. However, a leaked Twitch advertisement suggests that it’s coming way sooner than we expected.

As shared by Twitter user ZhugeEX, a Twitch advertisement for the upcoming PS5 reveal event has leaked online. According to the seemingly legitimate ad, the postponed reveal event for the next generation console will take place later this week on June 11th, 9:00 PM BST. If true, that translates to a total delay of one week from the original date.

Since the information above doesn’t come from official means, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt. Even if it does end up being legitimate, Sony is likely holding off on publicly announcing it to make sure no further problems cause an increase in the delay.

As usual, Sony is refraining from commenting on the rumors, so the only way to verify these rumors is to wait till Thursday and see for ourselves.

The worldwide situation that prompted the delay hasn’t seemed to improve, so we’re unsure if Sony or its fans will be satisfied with a week-long delay. The company said that it doesn’t feel “now is a time for celebration”, and if that’s true, then we shouldn’t expect the PS5 reveal to take place so soon.

As for the event itself, we have a pretty meaty one coming up. Rumors are pointing to a Bloodborne remaster that is supposedly in development by Bluepoint Games, and we might even see Silent Hill and Horizon Zero Dawn 2 related announcements.

The PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, and we’ll continue to learn more about the console over the next few months.


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