Insider Confirms Development of PlayStation 5 Pro

Since the PlayStation 5 launched, it has single-handedly been topping charts ever since, with its main competition nowhere newer the sales numbers it had produced. Sony had obviously put a lot into the console and according to insider Tom Henderson, had many upgrades planned for it too.

It seems as it Sony is looking to capitalize on this opportunity of growing sales numbers as insides claim that the PlayStation 5 Pro is already in development. With the PlayStation 5 still having a lot of headroom in terms of hardware capabilities, Sony wants to make sure that they bring out the best of the best, leaving no chance for the competition.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also working on its next-gen console that will succeed the Xbox Series X/S. The project is not disclosed yet, and has a codename (revealed by a review of FTC’s regulatory filings). The document confirmed that a potential rival to the next-gen PlayStation is already in the works.

Sony has inarguably been one of the biggest rivals of this deal, and has been heavily involved in the FTC lawsuit. However, Microsoft’s whole Activision deal fiasco with both the U.S. regulator and Sony has led to some unintended consequences for the console leader. We saw how recently, a legal disclosure seemingly narrowed down a potential PlayStation 6 release window.

From this, we can also infer that the PS5 Pro will surely be released a long time before that. Insider Gaming states that:

Whilst we cannot report on any more specifics at this time, we understand that the first dev kit prototypes will be going to 1st party developers within the next couple of months, with 3rd party developers receiving them by the end of the year.

All of the above developments strongly point towards Sony cementing it’s position as the market leader. Earlier this year, we saw Sony’s commitment to VR gaming with the PSVR2. It has surely given the company a head start in the emerging market.

With the PS5 Pro’s improved hardware, virtual reality experiences are expected to be more immersive and visually appealing than ever before. As the demand for VR rises, the PS5’s support for the technology could further solidify its position in the market.

While this is all we know for now, we will make sure to keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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