PlayStation 5 Has Seemingly Been Jailbroken for the First Time

PS5 getting jailbreaked has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. However recently, a video posted by Insider on Twitter shows that the famous console has now been officially jailbreaked by modders. The release comes from SpecterDev with the  implementation of PS5 Kernel IPV6 exploit.

In the video, a user is seen specifically installing a package intended specifically for the jailbreaking procedure. It clearly depicts the PS5 interface, and if the technique is successful, this may be a major advance

Any PS5 (including the PS5 Digital Edition) running firmware 4.03 will be susceptible to this release since it uses the Webkit vulnerability as an entry point. Lower firmware versions may operate (although the exploit might need tweaking). At this time, higher firmware versions won’t function (they are not vulnerable to the Webkit exploit)

The serious limitations of this exploit are noted by SpecterDev:

  • The exploit is fairly unstable, and in his experience will work about 30% of the time. If you are trying to run it, don’t give up, it might require several attempts before the exploit gets through
  • Possibly more important, this exploit gives us read/write access, but no execute! This means no possibility to load and run binaries at the moment, everything is constrained within the scope of the ROP chain. The current implementation does however enable debug settings. 

This exploit has roughly 30% stability and numerous potential failure spots. In other words, this release is solely relevant for hackers or those who are interested in exploring the PS5’s internals. However, keep in mind that this is the first time a hack this potent for the PS5 has ever been released publicly, thus new discoveries are certain to occur despite its limits.

Echo Stretch, a member of the scene, was able to use the exploit and provide us with the footage that is shown below. The PS5’s Debug menu and package installer are unlocked in the video.

The SpecterDev implementation requires Python, and you will be hosting a local webserver on your PC for your PS5 to access. Stay tuned as additional individuals test and report on this exploit in the coming days as this is a developing story.

Source: SpecterDev 


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