PS5 DualSense Inside Out Pictures Leak Online

In-Depth Look at the PS5 DualSense

Spanish Instagram page Impact Controller has just revealed the disassembly pictures of Dualsense.

The Spanish page wrote “Interesting fully disassembled PS5 control, customization and high performance in the future”

PS5 DualSense
PS5 DualSense Disassembled

This project was actually started by Evezenelite, who are “Specialist in high-performance controllers”. Evezen posted numerous photos of DualSense, giving us a much deeper look at the controller’s pattern and much more. Here are some photos from the original post.

PS5 DualSense
DualSense Sitting on top of printed pictures

Another photo that shows the DualSense buttons

PS5 DualSense
DualSense Button’s

Analog Sticks are featuring this rough pattern, facilitating gamers with a better grip.

PS5 DualSense
DualSense Analog Stick

This is probably my favorite photo of the leak. You can see the insane PlayStation pattern all over the surface. This level of detail is quite extraordinary.

PS5 DualSense
Surface Material of DualSense

The Controller looks really good. I wonder If there will be another colored DualSense In a not so distant future. White surely looks good, but In my opinion, it gets dirty too quickly. Right now, Sony or any reviewer has not given us such an in-depth look at the DualSense. It seems that this page had gotten early access for some testings. There is nothing wrong with photos though.

While you are it, just to let you know. PlayStation 5 is set to release next month. Pre-Orders have already started and the first phase is over. The Console comes in two variants, Disc Edition will set you for $499.99, while the Digital Edition (Non-Disc) is going for $399.99. You can read about its games, accessories, and much more here.


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