PlayStation 5 Adds Discord Voice Integration

A recent update to the Discord mobile app showed new connection options for PlayStation consoles, following rumors that voice chat was aiming for an early 2023 rollout on PlayStation consoles. 

It appears that Sony‘s next-gen console is looking to add voice chat functionality from Discord just a few months after the service became available to Xbox owners. Discord’s new PlayStation-specific capabilities, including the ability to join voice chats through the console directly, were highlighted in a tweet from “advaith,” a Twitter user who frequently tweets about upcoming Discord features.

The Ability to Join VCs on PlayStation 5 | advaith

The PS4 will continue to have only the most fundamental degree of account integration available, while PS5 consoles will have the ability to join voice chats and stream the game you are playing.

As a result, you will be able to resume your Discord calls with friends on the PS5 just as easily as you would on your computer or mobile device. The PlayStation’s built-in voice chat will continue to work alongside with this new feature. It allows users to disable the in-game chat in favor of more organized voice chat via Discord channels.

With the new version of the Discord mobile app (shown in the image above), we may anticipate that Discord and Sony will soon begin testing voice chat on PlayStation consoles in beta. Prior to Microsoft’s failed acquisition attempt of Discord in 2021, Discord Voice Chat was announced for PlayStation platforms. Discord integration eventually made it to Xbox first. 

Players can connect to other Discord users and talk with them right from their consoles if the game supports it. PS5’s implementation appears to be on par with the September 2022 debut of Discord on Xbox. The Xbox’s voice integration is compatible with all Xbox consoles beginning with the Xbox One, which is not the case with the impending PlayStation integration.

While there is no official confirmation, some prominent leakers suggest that the update will be coming sometime next year.

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