PlayStation 5’s Updated Variant Comes With A Smaller 6nm SoC

The PS5 console from Sony just received a mild upgrade with the addition of a new model, the CFI-1202, that promises reduced temperatures and power input. The updated AMD Obreon Plus SOC, which uses the TSMC 6nm production node, has made the new console lighter, cooler, and less power-hungry.

Austin Evans, a tech YouTuber, recently noted that a new version of the Sony PS5 system was arriving, one that is smaller, cooler, and less power-hungry. We can now see why this new PS5 variation, known as the “CFI-1202,” is so much superior to Sony’s initial PS5 variants.

Angstronomics, a tech publication, has revealed exclusively that the Sony PS5 (CFI-1202) is equipped with an improved AMD Oberon SOC dubbed Oberon Plus that makes use of the TSMC N6 technology (6nm). The 7nm (N7) process node from TSMC is now a design rule compatible with the 6nm EUV (N6) node. 

This makes it possible for TSMC partners to transition current 7nm circuits to the 6nm node without encountering too many difficulties. The N6 manufacturing node increases transistor density by 18.8% while simultaneously lowering power consumption, which lowers temperatures.

Image: Angstronomics

In contrast to the launch models, the new Sony PS5 consoles are lighter and have a smaller heatsink. The AMD Oberon Plus SOC is seen adjacent to the 7nm Oberon SOC in a brand-new chip image, but that’s not all. When compared to the 7nm Oberon SOC (300mm2), the new die’s size is down 15%, measuring roughly 260mm2. The ability to make more devices on a single wafer is another benefit of switching to 6nm. According to the source, each Oberon Plus SOC wafer can manufacture 20% more chips for the same price.

This entails that, without increasing the price of the chips, Sony may provide more Oberon Plus chips for the PS5, which will help to further ease the market shortages that the current-gen consoles have had since their release. In the future, Microsoft is anticipated to use the 6nm fabrication node for its updated Arden SOC for its Xbox Series X consoles.


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