PS4’s Lifetime Sales Surpasses 90 Million Units While Switch Still Remains The Fastest Selling Console This Generation

The PlayStation 4 has indeed been a very successful console both from Sony, and the consumer’s perspective. With games like God of war, Spider-man, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, to name a few, the PS4 is hands down the best choice for people looking for a console.

Keeping aside the PS4, the most popular console this year has been the Nintendo Switch. Both the consoles had broken charts this generation, with some outstanding sales figures. While the Switch became the fastest selling console this generation, the PS4 was the most sold one.

Today, Paul Hunter, Senior Gaming, Tech and Media Editor at Walmart revealed the PS4’s current sale figures. In a tweet, Hunter mentioned that the PS4’s sales have surpassed 90 million units. This is indeed a breakthrough for Sony, if the news is true, as the quoted sales figures mean that the PS4 will surpass the PS3 in terms of sales. The PS4 hasn’t reached its EOL yet so the numbers are bound to rise. Sony revealed on the PS4’s anniversary that it had a total of 86.1 million units sold. That’s the latest official figure we have.

Hunter further revealed that the Switch has surpassed 25 million units sold. That means, the Switch has sold as twice as much as the Wii U. Switch has been the fastest selling console in the US, and its overall numbers are on the rise as well. Considering the Switch has a much smaller library than its competitors, those are some impressive numbers.

Earlier, Nintendo had revealed that they aim to hit the 20 million sales figure in Fiscal Year 2018-19. Hunter says that Nintendo might fall 2-3 million short of the target, and that’s pretty justified given that Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa himself admitted hitting those numbers won’t be easy. While those are some impressive numbers, they are still not from an official source. Irrespective of the fact whether the stats are true, both the consoles have been pretty successful this generation.

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PS4’s Lifetime Sales Surpasses 90 Million Units While Switch Still Remains The Fastest Selling Console This Generation

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