ProRes RAW Support For Windows: Apple Releases Beta for Adobe Applications

Apple has always been quite excluding when it comes to its services and products. Take the iPhone, for instance: connecting it to a PC vs connecting it to a Mac has two different experiences. Similarly, a lot of software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie aren’t even available for Windows or any other platform. But recently, perhaps the company has realized the fact that in order to grow you have to span out, be open to other expansions.

When it comes to video formats, the ProRes from Apple has had many uses. In many cases, it is preferred over other compression systems. ProRes RAW goes on to shoot loss-less footage on select cameras. The catch here is that only editable on Final Cut Pro. Heck! Apple added the afterburner card on its latest Mac Pro machine to cater to ProRes RAW footage. This created a clear line between the PC editors and Mac editors. Apple has fixed that, somewhat.

Apple ProRes RAW Support

In a recent update, as reported by MacRumors, the company has released beta versions for Windows compatible software. This is to actually pull more people towards their format. But it is also some leg room given to users who may otherwise wish to use Windows machines limiting them to Mac machines because of the codec. According to Apple’s support page, where you can actually download the Beta version, the support is offered to 4 applications. All these applications are from Adobe and listed down below.

  • Adobe After Effects (Beta)
  • Adobe Media Encoder (Beta)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Beta)
  • Adobe Premiere Rush (Beta)

This is perhaps a good step by Apple. Even in the post from MacRumors, people commented on positively, claiming that it is a good step from the company. This is because unlike Microsoft, the Apple ecosystem is a very closed one.

Sarmad Burki
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