‘Print Screen’ function in Windows 11 has multiple options to customize the Screenshots

Microsoft introduced the powerful Snipping tool in Windows 10. The company has now offered a simplified but equally powerful Print Screen function in Windows 11.

Taking Screenshots in Windows 10, or even the previous version of the OS was quite easy and straightforward. Snipping Tool offered several tools to take custom screenshots. Microsoft has now modified the Print Screen function and added multiple options which can be activated by using key combinations.

Windows 11 offers multi-way Screenshot options with Print Screen function:

Similar to the previous iterations of Windows, Windows 11 too, offers inbuilt options to take screenshots. It could be an entire screen or just a part of it. Users who need to edit screenshots can try the various third-party options available in the Windows Store.

There are various options such as Print Screen and Snipping Tool that can be used to capture a screenshot on Windows 11. In addition to simply hitting the Print Screen button on the keyboard, users can also use a number of easy-to-remember key combinations to quickly take a variety of screenshots.

Press PrtScn: On pressing only the Print Screen key on the keyboard, users will be able to copy the entire active screen to the clipboard. Users can paste this screenshot into any application that displays images such as Paint or Word.

Needless to mention, this has been the standard or the most straightforward way to take screenshots. However, after taking a screenshot, users need to paste the content into another app. This is where the Windows Key + PrtScn Key combination comes in handy.

Windows + PrtScn: By pressing both Windows key and Print Screen keys simultaneously, users will be able to automatically save the entire screen as an image file. Windows 11 saves the screenshot in Pictures -> Screenshots.

This is handy, but what if users need to take a screenshot of just the active window. Many a time, users need records of online confirmations, receipts, messages in apps, etc. This is where the Alt+PrtScn key combination is very useful.


Alt + PrtScn: Pressing both Alt and PrtScn keys simultaneously will copy only the active window to the clipboard. Users can easily save this screenshot just like a regular PrtScn one.

While these are simple and quick functions, Windows 11 also includes a powerful key combination that lets users take a custom screenshot, complete with screen selection, just like in the Snipping Tool.

Windows + Shift + S: Pressing this key combination dims the screen and the mouse cursor changes to a pointer/selector. Users then have to drag to choose a portion of the screen that they want to capture.

The captured screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and users can paste it into other programs such as Paint or Word. It is not clear why Microsoft doesn’t allow autosaving such a screenshot into the Screenshots folder.

Alap Naik Desai
A B.Tech Plastics (UDCT) and a Windows enthusiast. Optimizing the OS, exploring software, searching and deploying solutions to strange and weird issues is Alap's main interest.