How to Print and Auto-Staple Multiple Tabs in a Single Stapled Document in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has been the primary software used for creating spread sheets that contain important information. Businesses of all statures and sizes rely heavily on Excel spread sheets for their day to day operations. In today’s world, the amount of information that needs to be handled is enormous, making tools like Excel even more quintessential to a company’s day to day operation. What makes Excel so reliable and efficient is the functionalities it offers to the user, helping them record and use the data in a simple and efficient manner. One of these is the feature to print multiple tabs in Excel in a single stapled document. However, many users face problems while doing so. Therefore, to help you get the most out of Excel, we tell you how to print and auto-staple multiple tabs in a single stapled document.

Why Go For Single Stapled Documents

The benefits of printing and auto-stapling multiple tabs in a single stapled document are many.

Those viewing the print form do not have to flip through multiple pages for different data sheets

The complexity of viewing related data sheets is reduced drastically as they can be viewed side by side when printed in a single stapled document

It helps you save a lot of paper as you do not print each tab on a single sheet. This is especially effective if the sheets are closely related and do not have a lot of information on them.

Printing and Auto-Stapling Multiple Tabs in a Single Stapled Document

Many people have found it problematic to print and auto-staple multiple tabs in a single stapled document. The issue has been known to exist since Microsoft Excel 2003 and operating systems Windows XP and onwards. There are a few ways you can resolve this issue, and none of them are lengthy or complicated procedures.

If you want to print all tabs on a single sheet, print Quality of tabs must be same. To check this, follow these steps:

Click on Page Layout in the menu on top

Under options named Margins, Orientation, etc., you will find Page Setup written. Click on the half-rectangle with an arrow pointing to the bottom corner next to Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialogue box.

Check that all the tabs have the same Print Quality. If that is not the case then make them same, otherwise Excel sends them as multiple printing jobs.

This is the most authentic and known fix for this problem

You can also try a PDF print in case you find the first method difficult to follow. Simply save the entire Excel workbook as a PDF and then print the PDF. It works correctly as well, but many people find it a little harder than the first method.

You can also put live snapshots of the sheets on a single page to print them together. The snapshots are updated in real time, meaning you can edit the sheet even after putting the snapshots.

Click on the Down arrow on the top left menu of the Excel window. You can find it next to the Save and Undo buttons.

Click on ‘More Commands

In the Dropdown list under Choose commands from field, select ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon

Click on ‘Camera’ and Add it to the Toolbar

Select the Camera icon from the Quick Access Toolbar. It is next to the Save and Undo buttons on the top left

Now simply select the data you want to take from the other spread sheet and paste it on the previous one.

The snapshot will appear in the area you paste it on in the other spread sheet. This method is suitable if you don’t have much data on either spread sheet.

This method is not for auto-stapling the sheets but can help you merge different tabs into one nonetheless.

In this article, we saw how you can print and auto-staple multiple tabs in Excel on a single stapled document. There are three methods discussed above. The first is known to work best, while the third is suitable only when the data on different tabs is less and can be put together on one sheet without causing congestion.


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How to Print and Auto-Staple Multiple Tabs in a Single Stapled Document in Microsoft Excel

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