Pricing For the MSI B760 Lineup Leaks Out, Cheapest Variant Goes For as Low as $169

It is no surprise that along with the Raptor Lake Non-K lineup, Intel will also showcase its budget motherboards at CES 2023. Just now, chi11eddog on Twitter has leaked the pricing for the entire MSI B760 motherboard lineup and AMD has some serious competition.

MSI B760 Motherboards

In an excel sheet, which is probably from MSI themselves, we have the official MSRP for all their upcoming B760 boards. The cheapest variant, the MSI PRO B760M-A WIFI DDR4 costs $169. Similarly, the highest-end variant is also not expensive, speaking relatively, coming in at just $229

MSI B760 Motherboard Pricing | chi11eddog

Board Channels claims that the B760 motherboards will be up to 200300 yuan more expensive than their predecessors. This was expected, although the price difference will vary depending on the motherboard you opt for. The cheaper models will be 100 yuan more expensive ($14), whereas the higher-end variants will be 200300 yuan more expensive ($3045).

INTEL B760 series of new motherboards will soon be on sale, Taiwan factory shipments for the first, is expected from this week, Asus Gigabyte MSI and other brands, are likely to be shipped in advance of this week and laying action: the new motherboard INTEL B750 series.

This week you can focus on the arrival of the new INTEL B760 series motherboard, the brands will be shipped this week, the regional general agents around the end of this week can arrive, but only allow the first official launch on January 5.

B760 series of new models may initially be positioned high, and B660 cost price comparison, predicted at least in about 730 yuan above the cost of pricing, compared to the B660 series to be more than 100 yuan expensive, B760 high specifications than B660 high specifications to be at least another 200-300 yuan.

Board Channels

B760 Specifications

Expreview has listed the specifications for Intel’s upcoming H770 and B760 chipsets. To be fair, there is not much of an increase as compared to last-generation, so upgrading really isn’t necessary. 

The B760 chipset features a maximum of 4 PCIe Gen 3 lanes, which is 4 less than the B660. The PCIe Gen 4 lane count sees an uplift from 6 to 10 lanes. 

The H770 chipset on the other hand is packed with 8 PCIe Gen 3 lanes in contrast to the 16 featured on the H670. The PCIe Gen 4 lanes have been increased from 12 to 20 lanes.

B760 Specifications | Expreview

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