Pre-Orders For PlayStation 5 Will Be Back In the UK Tomorrow

Ready to pre-order? tomorrow is another chance

Tomorrow, UK players will get another chance to pre-order PlayStation 5. In a twitter announcement, GAME UK wrote that limited stock of the PS5 will be back on the store tomorrow.

The tweet says late morning, so that would be somewhere between 10 AM and 12 AM. Prices for both consoles are as followed, £499.99 for Disc Edition and £359.99 for Digital Edition. Both variants of PlayStation 5 are the same, the only difference is disc. I’d highly recommend to signup at the GAME website and start digging at around 8 AM. That is because the last time PS5 Pre-Orders went up. Nearly all UK Retailers crashed, and the majority of them even had to remove the listings. The queue for pre-orders is really long, and trust me you don’t wanna be late In the midst of chaos. Also, keep in mind, these pre-orders will be online.

GAME UK is probably the only store in the UK, which has started its phase two of Pre-Orders. The tweet says “limited stock” so I reckon it’s just leftovers from phase 1, and not the restock.

Unlike Microsoft, who gave 10 days pre-notice about Xbox Series X/S pre-orders. Sony immediately put up PlayStation 5 on pre-orders after their showcase event ended. The majority of fans weren’t prepared for pre-order, and scalpers had them all. Sony was heavily criticized for this because one of their marketing directors said they wouldn’t just put PS5 on pre-order, and early notifications will be given. Other than this, some fans who submitted their emails for notifications weren’t told either. In case you weren’t able to pre-order the PS5 tomorrow, don’t worry since there will be plenty during launch.



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