PowerColor Teases Upcoming AMD RDNA3 GPUs Before Launch

ASRock is showcasing cardboard replicas of their upcoming Radeon RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT graphics cards at Gamescom. PowerColor also took part, providing an early look at their upcoming graphics processing units (GPUs), particularly the Hellhound and Fighter series.

To refresh your memory, PowerColor made a mistake earlier this month when they unveiled the Radeon RX 7800 XT Red Devil graphics processing unit. Prematurely exposing a new GPU and spoiling AMD’s surprise when there were no indications at the time that AMD was preparing such a launch. Even yet, PowerColor still has more cards to reveal in the coming days, like as the mid-tier Hellhound and the entry-level Fighter models.


The Fighter model is part of the more affordable series that may be purchased at the suggested retail price. In this design, a proper cooling system and compliance with AMD’s suggested parameters take precedence over ARGB components.

AMD to Reveal RDNA 3 GPUs At Gamescom

At Gamescom 2023, AMD will be previewing their upcoming RDNA 3 graphics cards. AMD has “AMD RNDA 3” and “26 August” printed on placeholder graphics cards at their Gamescom booth, indicating that the company plans to unveil a new graphics processing unit (GPU) on August 26.

AMD RDNA 3 Teaser at Gamescom | CowCotLand

The “AMD Gaming Festival 2023” will take place on August 25 and will feature a “Highlight Show” hosted by Scott Herkelman and Frank Azor.

According to rumours, AMD aims to unveil two RDNA 3-based graphics cards at Gamescom, and AMD’s Scott Herkelman has already revealed that AMD has “major product announcements” planned for the event. Radeon RX 7800 XT and Radeon RX 7700 XT are the GPUs in question, both made by AMD. In addition, AMD has stated that attendees will be able to “play and test the latest gaming hardware” and “experience the latest games with FSR” during Gamescom.

Expected Features

In terms of technical specifications, the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT GPU is built on the Navi 32 SKU with four MCDs. The graphics processing unit’s core is equipped with 3840 processors housed in 60 compute units. It features 16 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, a 256-bit wide bus interface, 64 MB of Infinity Cache, and 18 Gbps pin speed, for a total bandwidth of 576 GB/s. That’s the RX 7800 XT, although the specifics of the RX 7700 XT GPU are yet unknown.

The memory layout suggests a 192-bit bus interface, suggesting even another reduced Navi 32 model with only three of the four MCDs activated and a correspondingly smaller 48 MB of Infinity Cache. About 24 Compute Units and 3072 stream processors make up the core configuration.

AMD’s Radeon RX 7800 XT graphics card could cost $550 to $600 US, while the Radeon RX 7700 XT could be priced anywhere from $350 to $450 US. These two cards compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 line of graphics cards. Graphics processing units (GPUs) priced at more than $500 US are considered “Enthusiast-Class” by AMD, while those priced at $1000 US and beyond are classified as “Ultra-Enthusiast-Class” devices.

 AMD Radeon
RX 7600
AMD Radeon
RX 7700 XT
AMD Radeon
RX 7800 XT (Leaked)
AMD Radeon
RX 7900 GRE
AMD Radeon
RX 7900 XT
AMD Radeon
RX 7900 XTX
Compute Units32?60808496
Stream Processors2048?3840512053766144
Game Clock2250 MHz?2210 MHz1880 MHz2000 MHz2300 MHz
Boost Clock2655 MHz?2520 MHz2245 MHz2400 MHz2500 MHz
Memory Bus128-bit192-bit ?256-bit256-bit320-bit384-bit
Memory Speed18 Gbps?18 Gbps18 Gbps20 Gbps20 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth288 MB/s?576 GB/s576 GB/s800 GB/s960 GB/s
Infinity Cache32 MB?64 MB64 MB80 MB 96 MB
Board Power165W??????260W315W355W

Source: PowerColor, CowCotLand


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