Possible GeekBench Scores Of The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Leaked – Scores Higher Than The OnePlus 6

2018 has been a very exciting year for mobile processors, we did see a brilliant lineup this year. The Snapdragon 845 was a great performer, finding its way in almost every flagship Android smartphone, then comes the Apple A12 Bionic, which again has performance on a different level.

It seems we will be closing the year with the much awaited Huawei Kirin 980, after their announcement event, they did manage to excite quite a lot of people. They even displayed on slides in an event, how the Kirin 980 beat the Snapdragon 845 in both gaming and other benchmarks.

Leaked Geekbench Scores

This is probably one of the first leaked benchmarks of the Kirin 980, coming from SlashLeaks.

So, as you can see here, it gets a single core score of 3390 points and multi core score of 10318 points. This is actually a pretty good score, but we can come to a conclusion only after comparing it to it’s two closest competitors.

How Does it Fair Against The Snapdragon 845?

Well it does manage to beat the Snapdragon 845, usually for single core scores, the 845 averages around 2500 points and for multi core scores around 9000 points.

This is quite a big feat, as Qualcomm has been one of the industry leaders in mobile chips for quite sometime and it looks like they will start facing some heat in the Android ecosystem.

How Does it Fair Against The Apple A12 Bionic?

This is a interesting comparison because both the chips are on the 7nm node. Huawei also took several potshots at Apple, during the launch of this year’s iPhones.

The A12 Bionic usually has a single core score of 4600 points and a multi core score of 11000 points. So here it clearly outperforms the Kirin 980. Although this is to be expected as Apple has always remained a few generations ahead of their competitors in the mobile processor race.

Now this benchmark score for the Kirin 980 should be taken with a pinch of salt. GeekBench scores doesn’t signify the general performance of a mobile processor. There are a lot of other factors that can considered, like efficiency and temperatures.

Another reason I remain skeptical is because Huawei is known to cheat in benchmark tests with their smartphones. Whenever a benchmark utility is run on some of their phones, it automatically detects that application and overclocks it’s chip by a considerable degree. This obviously isn’t sustainable and with recurring tests the phone will downclock significantly. AnandTech has a very interesting article about this. The phone in the benchmark is probably the Mate 20 Pro, as it was supposed to be the first phone with the Kirin 980 inside.

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Possible GeekBench Scores Of The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Leaked – Scores Higher Than The OnePlus 6

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