Polaris 30/12nm GPU Rumored to be in the Pipeline

According to a Chiphell user, a 12nm Polaris GPU is rumored to be in the production pipeline. This same user had made the prior announcement for TR CPUs, Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. AMD has possessed quite a strong roadmap when it comes to outlining their next-generation products, however things remain shady when it comes to their GPU and gaming segment. Considering their recent roadmaps it can be observed that various GPUs are listed including their soon-to-come 7nm parts but they will be aimed at server markets first. It leaves the user in the confusion of when it would be seen in the 7nm gaming GPUs.

The rumors have been up and about regarding the Polaris 30 GPUs that have not been observed anywhere in the AMD’s roadmap up till now. This GPU is said to be the third iteration to the high-end Polaris line which was shipped initially as Polaris 10 in the year 2016 followed by Polaris 20 in the next year. Polaris 30 GPUs are said to employ the latest 12nm FinFET process and deliver a 15% better performance than Polaris 20 GPUs. Another interesting rumor regarding Polaris 30 is that it is meant for Apple as Vega is too huge.

The rumor about Polaris 30 can be believed considering that Polaris 20 was not also announced and was not there on the AMD roadmap anywhere at all.

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Polaris 30/12nm GPU Rumored to be in the Pipeline

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