Pokemon Fan Showcases Custom Gengar Pins

Pokemon makes some interesting and captivating merchandise, but the fandom does its fair share of work too. Some fan members go so far as to design concept luggage as one user did with a Snorlax-themed suitcase. Now, one member of the Pokemon community made some premium-looking custom Gengar Pins. Let’s get right into today’s news.

We know that the first generation of Pokemon features only 151 Pokemon for trainers to track down and catch. With the most recent entry into the franchise, Pokemon: Legends of Arceus, that number drastically went up to 905. But that might number just cross 1000 with the upcoming Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet

Even though more and more creatures have been added into the mix with every passing generation, many of the original Pokemon are still quite popular even to this day, despite them coming out back in 1993. Whether it is Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Snorlax or Gengar, fans adore the idea of anything related to the cute Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Fan Creates Gengar Pins

Gengar is one of these Pokemon that’s part of the original ghost trio featured back in 1993. Despite multiple generations, the Pocket monster is still seen in all releases and manages to continually find a spot in the roster on the team of Gym Leaders as well as the Elite 4, who are known to specialize in Ghost types. Many fans still create tons of interesting artwork in tribute to Gengar, including the one that made the custom Gengar Pins.

It was a Redditor and Pokemon fan by the name of ElTamagotchi who posted a clip showcasing Metal Gengar Pins that featured his iconic smile. The metal pins look pretty premium, to say the least, and have been crafted to perfection. 

The Gengar pins feature a gold trim outline for Gengar’s eyes and smile, which make them stand out all the more. The golden highlights definitely complement the rainbow sheen of the metal pins. All in all, the pins look incredible, and the Redditor and Pokemon fan did an excellent job of capturing the likeness of the Pocket monster and embedding it into metal pins with the alluring color palette.

Hi! I made these Gengar rainbow metal mini pins, which ghost should I make next? from pokemon

The post has garnered loads of attention, and it currently sits at nearly 4600 upvotes. Pokemon fan, ElTamagotchi, isn’t done just yet because this is the start of their metal pin adventure. They asked which Pokemon they should create pins for yet, and the Pokemon Reddit community took no time to make suggestions.

One Pokemon fan stated that they would die to see Spiritomb, to which ElTamagotchi answered that they would definitely have to make it now. Another Pokemon fan requested the Redditor to create Phantump and Trevenant metal pins, to which the pin maker replied that Phantump does sound good, especially since it’s small and would look amazing in the form of a small metal pin.

With a plethora of Ghost Type Pokemon spanning over eight generations and in the future nine, and with the release of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, ElTamagotchi has lots of choices and his hands full for the next set of pins they make. ElTamagotchi is just one artist that’s making pins, such as the Gengar Pins based on Nintendo’s hit Pokemon franchise.

ElTamagotchi has dabbled in other projects as well, such as a custom gold metal pin of another 1st generation Pokemon, the water type Pokemon, MagikarpElTamagotchi posted his precious Magikarp pin to r/EnamelPins nearly one month ago.


pokemon fan gengar pins
A premium-looking Magikarp gold pin. | Reddit

Incredible Pins and Designs by More Pokemon Fans

Another Pokemon fan named naisatoh also posted an image of Pokemon pins that they made for those that reside within the healthcare sector. The pins feature various kinds of pocket monsters set into white coats of doctors and other healthcare workers. Some of the characters chosen for the pins consisted of Snorlax, Pikachu, Grooky and a Psyduck.

When Pokemon fans asked about A Dr Gengar Pin, naisatoh claimed that it was well on its way. The Gengar Pins, as well as these Pokemon pins, are incredibly cute and awesome, and fans are awaiting more fan-made Pokemon items to be showcased on the internet.

I made medical-themed pins for people in the healthcare community! from pokemon

One fan also designed a Snorlax-themed suitcase that had this minimalistic and corporate feel without looking tacky. It doesn’t stand out and would definitely make for an excellent piece of Pokemon-themed luggage, but sadly it’s just a concept rendition.

We hope ElTamagotchi and naisatoh release these Pokemon pins to be available to the general public for sale, but it’s possible that the increasing virality of the Gengar pins and Pokemon metal pins paired with a hypothetical sale of fan-made merchandise would entail a lawsuit as Nintendo isn’t a big fan of their work being remade.

And in other news, Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet is expected to release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, and fans are pretty excited about the upcoming release. Will the new Pokemon game live up to the expectations of fans and give us new and exciting characters, or is the franchise slowly losing its charm in regards to the new release? Only time will tell.

And that’s it for the Gengar pins story. What do you think of these pins? Would you buy them if they were available for purchase? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!



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