POCO’s Teaser Reveals POCO F2 Release in 2021: A Possible Premium Mid-tier Champ

POCO is a company that made its mark with the POCOPHONE F1 back in the day. This gave birth to a completely new category of phones which come with flagships specs and do not break the bank. The only caveat is that these phones often sacrifice on build quality or the camera. The company then released the sequel to the device: The F2 Pro. But this came in the premium category of smartphones, although it didn’t cost as much. The fans were truly waiting for the actual, non-Pro F2. Perhaps in 2020, that is all going to change.

This tweet from POCO India shows how the company is for the people and added a lot of components to the device as per peoples’ demand. Now though, the company adds a lot of what to expect from the year 2021. In this video, they share that 2021 would be the year for POCO F2.

This was pointed out in an article by Android Central, embedded in this tweet

POCO F2 in 2021?

Now, this time around though, the POCO F2 would be a cheaper addition to the lineup. It would not feature flagship specs but instead, be outfitted for the premium mid-tier category. Additionally, there would be a downgrade from the traditional SD865 or 888 to a 7-series chip. Now, we do not know for sure what this would be but yesterday’s article on Xiaomi’s M11 and its source code may give us an idea.

As per our article, the source code featured room for a new Snapdragon series 7 processor. We believe that this would be the SD775 chipset. Although it has not been released till yet, the company may introduce it in the first quarter of the year. This would make the perfect SoC for the POCO F2. Now, there would be other trade-offs as well but we cannot be sure just by this hint.

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POCO’s Teaser Reveals POCO F2 Release in 2021: A Possible Premium Mid-tier Champ

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