PlayStation’s Rumored Summer Showcase: Various Game Developers Ready to Unveil New Titles, Insider

Industry insider Shinobi has hinted that there are a ton of game development teams ready to showcase their upcoming games at the upcoming rumored PlayStation event.

Renowned industry journalist and insider, Jeff Grubb has been teasing a PlayStation Showcase this summer for quite some time now. Most recently in one of his podcasts, Grubb revealed that the PlayStation Showcase is likely to be held towards the end of May or early June, before the Summer Game Fest 2023, which is set to take place on 8th June.

Before Summer Game Fest [2023] is what I have listed here, the PlayStation Showcase still hear that’s coming. I would probably safely say that’s May at this point but in general I’m going to continue saying before Summer Game Fest because that’s just the safest way of doing it um but yes, May may be very very early June that seems like the right time to get that PlayStation Showcase.”

Adding fuel to the fire of excitement, Shinobi has recently shared in a thread on ResetEra that there are plenty of development teams ready to showcase their new titles. While he doesn’t know Sony’s exact plans for the showcase, Shinobi wrote, 

I know a good amount of teams are at a point where things are certainly ready to be shown. That’s exciting.”

While we may not know exactly what Sony has in store for us, it is safe to assume that more details about the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and The Last of Us Multiplayer game will be revealed at the showcase. And if we go by Shinobi’s statement then there may be even more surprises in store for PlayStation enthusiasts at the event.

What are your thoughts about this news? Are you excited for PlayStation’s next showcase? What are your expectations? Let us know in the comments section below.


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