Sony PlayStation VR2 Gets an Early 2023 Launch Window, Features Support for 4K 120Hz, Haptic Feedback and More

The PlayStation VR headset provided users with a very immersive VR experience on the PS4. But the PS5 never got around to receiving a next-gen iteration of the headset until now. The PlayStation VR2 headset is slated for a launch window of early 2023, and it’s got some interesting bells and whistles to it!

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Scheduled for Early 2023

It was on Twitter as well as Instagram that the company revealed the official release window for the headset, giving PlayStation fans and PS5 users a release date of early 2023. Drop by drop, Sony has been giving out tidbits of information about the PlayStation VR2 headset for a couple of months now. At least we have an accurate time frame for when we can hope to purchase the hardware, that is, before it gets scalped.

While we got our hands on the ins and outs of the PlayStation VR2 headset earlier in the year, we still haven’t gotten a price for it. The headset seems pretty promising for the next-generation PS5.

It’s stated to feature displays that can pump out a crystal clear 4K resolution, and Sony is probably using in-house panels custom designed for the PlayStation VR2. The display can run at a super-fluid 90Hz or even support 120Hz, providing users with the capability of achieving 120 frames per second for less power-hungry titles. Users will get to enjoy supreme viewing angles of 110 degrees to provide an immersive field of view.

The headset features eye-tracking capability, which would be similar to Tobi Eye tracking. We don’t know how this works exactly as the details of the technology being used are unclear. The eye tracking claims to “improve the visual experience by adjusting resolutions and enhance what the user is focusing on.”

The headset also features a vibration motor that provides players feedback to their skull. Think of it as Dualshock for your cranium and brain. This could amp up the fear factor in PSVR2 horror titles. In addition, the headset features spacial 3D audio, which could be akin to 7.1 surround.

Checkerboard rendering is also making a return, but this time, it’s called Foveated rendering, which states that it renders certain scenes of the image a bit sharper than the rest to go easy on the PS5‘s hardware. What’s convenient is the accessibility of the headset as it’s said to connect via a single USB C cable which wasn’t possible back in the day.

The PlayStation VR2 also deserves some spotlight as it has some actually cool implementations that beat the competition by a landslide. The controller features an ergonomic design for long hours of playtime. Similar to the Dualsense controller, players will get to use traditional along sticks and buttons split across the two controllers. The controllers also feature Adaptive Triggers to grasp in-game objects.

One unique feature is finger touch detection which allows players to replicate hand gestures and motions even when the player is not actively pressing any buttons.

playstation vr2 headset
High-tech PSVR2 controllers implement a plethora of features | PlayStation

The PSVR2 controllers get their own implementation of Dualsense that allows users to experience Haptic feedback ranging from precise, soft vibrations to intense pulsations to create ” a vast range of sensations in the game world.”

Adaptive Triggers from the Dual Sense also make a return allowing players to experience varying levels of tension when interacting with the adaptive triggers, whether it be tightening a bowstring or crushing objects with your hands in the VR world.

Sony has revealed that 20 major games will be available for the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset once it comes out. We’re looking at an interesting selection of titles here that tend to make full use of the PS5’s visual and graphical fidelity. Players will get to enjoy the Horizon and Walking Dead Universes along with No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil 8: Village.

Another major development for the PlayStation VR2 Headset is that the VR headset will use a special kind of inside-out tracking that’s different from the camera tracking used in most VR headsets of this age. The tracking will be similar to what’s found in the Oculus Quest 2, where the cameras fitted directly on the headset are designed for motion tracking.

So, you’ll get to also look at the world around you without taking off the headset if you wish to. Sony also claims that the PS5 will allow users to broadcast themselves while playing VR games, though they’ll have to get their hands on a PlayStation HD camera first.

PlayStation vr2 headset
All specifications of the upcoming PSVR2 headset | PlayStation

The PlayStation VR2 headset seems pretty interesting in terms of the actual specifications of the display included and the motion tracking system designed for it, which is far superior to the wall-fitted camera mounts meant for recent VR headsets.

All-in-all, the PlayStation VR2 headset along with PlayStation VR2 Controllers seem quite promising and we wonder how PlayStation and developers proceed with utilizing and implementing these technologies in future VR games. Hopefully, developers won’t skimp on these technologies, as they did with the Dualsense controller with developers not offering Haptic Feedback support for multiple titles.  

Considering all the bells and whistles included in it, it’ll definitely break your piggy bank once it releases. The original PSVR headset retailed for 399 dollars, so expect something in the same price range or ballpark. Though, you might not get your hands on one in case scalpers decide to buy out the lot, which probably might be the case.

Hopefully, the PlayStation VR2 headset gets more titles along the way, with developers taking a more serious approach to making VR games that give users a life-like experience and more immersive gameplay without the added side effects of nausea, dizziness, headaches, and vertigo!

So are you in town for a PlayStation VR2 headset, and do you think it’ll be worth the money? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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