The Snitch is Back, Claims PlayStation Could Announce “Third Party” Content Soon

A little over a month ago, renowned leaker, The Snitch said he was retiring from the industry because nobody cared about leaks unless they make major headlines. However, Snitch made a surprise comeback to his public Discord channel earlier today and revealed some exciting news.

His insiders tell him that PlayStation will “very soon” reveal its plans for third-party content, but beyond that, they don’t know anything. We don’t have a clear picture of PlayStation’s plans just yet, but it could be possible to piece together a few hints.

With third-party content releasing ‘soon’, this could point to the fact that the State of Play would be held really soon. This would also keep in line with the previous leak we reported on, claiming that State of Play would be held soon, in the first quarter of the year. 

At the State of Play event in September, we got our first glimpse at games developed by Japanese developers. There has been talk of a potential presentation coming soon, and everyone here is really hoping to get a look at additional gameplay from games like Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and Resident Evil 4 Remake. It’s possible that we’ll hear about some brand-new titles at the same event.

It’s been four months since the last announcement, so Sony‘s third-party partners could have a lot of content to reveal for 2023 and beyond. There have been rumors about a Metal Gear Solid remake for some time, and recent leaks suggest that it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, with an event for third-party games, MGS will most likely not be shown off here.

Let us know what you think is being teased till we find out what it is. Assuming the State of Play is revealed, what games do you most anticipate being shown off? Until then, we’ll make sure to update you of any information as it comes.


Muhammad Qasim

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