PlayStation State of Play Premieres New God of War Ragnarok Story Trailer

The latest trailer for God of War Ragnarok was revealed today by PlayStation in the State of Play. The game was first announced back in 2020, but PlayStation and Santa Monica have done their best to keep the game under wraps outside of just one trailer that was revealed last year. Now, with the game coming later in the fall, the publisher is finally ready to show more of what Santa Monica has been doing behind closed doors.

God of War Ragnarok Gets a Story Trailer at the PlayStation State of Play

The new trailer for God of War Ragnarok was revealed today and it gave us a better idea of what the story entails. The video clocked in at a total of 3 minutes and gave us loads of insight into the many new and old faces that will be making their way into the sequel. We got a few glimpses of Thor and Odin, both of whom were mentioned but didn’t appear in the 2018’s God of War. In addition, the trailer focuses on the relationship between Atreus and Kratos which seems to be in jeopardy in God of War Ragnarok.

The new trailer pretty much takes the cake and justifies the hype surrounding the game. While some have written off God of War Ragnarok as nothing more than a glorified DLC for 2018’s God of War, the trailer seems to do justice and solidifies the game as the standalone sequel and title that it is.

From the trailer, it’s pretty clear that Santa Monica is gearing to tell a deeper story that will feature tons of great moments. It still remains to be seen if the game can live up to the hype, but the trailer shown as the PlayStation State of Play pretty much suggests that the game will end up being crowned as one of the biggest titles of 2022.

god of war ragnarok playstation state of play
An older teenage Atreus in God of War Ragnarok | PlayStation Blog

If you’re still in the dark about the release date for God of War Ragnarok, mark your calendars for November 9, 2022. When the game releases, it will be playable on both the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4.

So, what do you think of the upcoming God of War Ragnarok especially after seeing the new story trailer? Will it be crowned as one of the most anticipated games of the year, or better yet, just game of the year? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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