Sony is Launching New “PlayStation Stars” Loyalty Program: Redeem Points for PSN Wallet Funds, Earn Digital Collectibles & More

After revamping PlayStation Plus earlier this year with a new tiered approach to the subscription, Sony is stepping into the membership field once again; this time launching a new loyalty program called “PlayStation Stars“. As the name suggests, this is a new loyalty program for PlayStation, aimed exclusively at gamers. 

PlayStation Stars is free for all players and requires no special perquisites for you to be eligible for it. All one needs to do is enroll yourself in the program once it launches, and just play games. Yeah, that’s really it. This can be seen as an incentive from Sony to push the PlayStation userbase to be more active. 

The more active players are, the more they can be advertised to; the more they’ll spend; the more revenue is generated for the company. Business motives aside, here’s how the program works.

Earn points and spend them

After you’ve become a member, you can earn loyalty points by completing various challenges, taking part in different activities, and following campaigns. The program will offer two separate ways of earning points in-game through the latter.

Some games will be a part of PlayStation Stars’ “Monthly Check-In” campaign that would simply require you to log in and play the game once a month. Doing so will net you the loyalty points accordingly. 

However, some titles might offer a more challenging experience. Winning certain tournaments, earning specific trophies, or even being the first in your time zone to get the platinum trophy for a ‘blockbuster’ game will earn you rewards. 

Therefore, in some cases, PlayStation Stars will help you acquire an item or cosmetic in a game as part of the reward, but most of the time you will be earning loyalty points. 

You can then take those loyalty points and do a lot with them. The most obvious, and likely best, choice is to redeem the points in the PlayStation Store. You can buy PSN wallet funds and/or get select PlayStation Store products (like themes, music, DLCs) by redeeming those points. PlayStation Plus members will even earn points for every purchase they will do on the PlayStation Store. 

PlayStation Store illustration |

As part of PlayStation Stars, Sony is also introducing a new type of potential reward that some players might be interested in called “digital collectibles“. Now, I know what comes to mind when you hear that term, but trust me, this is not NFTs

“It’s definitely not NFTs. Definitely not. You can’t trade them or sell them. It is not leveraging any blockchain technologies and definitely not NFTs. – VP Grace Chenn

Even though digital collectibles are not using the blockchain or any part of that technology as an infrastructural backbone, the concept is pretty similar.

It would be reasonable to assume that this is a testing ground of sorts, so that Sony can see what the players think about collectibles before potentially monetizing them by introducing a proper trading platform/system down the line.

As for what you can actually collect, that department’s a little ambiguous. The company said collectibles include everything that PlayStation fans love, including:

[…] Figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation. 

PlayStation Stars will be seeing a gradual rollout later this year. Similar to the new PlayStation Plus, it’s an incredibly challenging feat to execute a worldwide launch to an already-established userbase. No word on what regions may be getting PlayStation Stars first, so we’ll just have to wait and see. 
Read the full announcement blog here.

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