PlayStation Showcase To Be Held Later This Month; According to Rumors

According to rumors, Sony will host the PlayStation Showcase, the company’s annual flagship event, later this month.

Since early June 2022, there hasn’t been The State of Play, and future titles like God of War: Ragnarok unquestionably deserve to be highlighted. The game will ultimately be released on November 9, although very little in the way of gameplay has been displayed. The sooner the better, even though there is still plenty of time to showcase the game. However, there are rumors that the upcoming Sony event won’t be The State of Play but rather a PlayStation Showcase.

The PlayStation Showcase has been conducted in September for the previous two years, but according to Xbox Era creator and well-known insider Nick Baker, the current plan appears to be to have the PlayStation Showcase this month, in August.

Fans will simply have to wait and watch how this rumor develops for the time being. It’s possible that history repeats itself and the PlayStation Showcase takes place in September, or it’s possible that this is accurate and gamers soon get to play some future PS5 titles on a large screen. 



Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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