PlayStation Showcase is Happening On September 9th

A new PlayStation event is finally here!

Fans have been waiting impatiently for a new event or conference from Sony. PlayStation was notably absent from this year’s E3 and has remained largely dormant in 2021 apart from a few State Of Plays here and there. Thankfully, the wait was well worth it as Sony just announced the date for a new PlayStation showcase. Mark your calendars as the event is just around the corner.

PlayStation Showcase 2021 will be held on September 9th, just a week from now. The event will start at 1 PM PT (or 4 PM ET) and will run for 40 minutes, according to Sony. We can expect to see updates from first-party PlayStation studios along with sneak peaks and further announcements from third-party developers as well. Sony confirmed that games releasing both this year and afterwards will be shown at the event.

One thing that won’t be shown or talked about, though, is the next-gen PSVR. Sony announced the next-gen upgrade to PSVR back in February and since then we have heard essentially nothing from the company. Sony is likely focusing on PS5 first and will slowly pan back the curtains on this technology in the coming months. So, don’t hold out any hope for VR this September 9.

Lastly, Sony confirmed that games from indie developers and AAA studios alike will be part of the show. The showcase will be akin to a grandiose E3 presentation filled with blockbuster titles and appearances from smaller indie gems as well. Further evidence of this is the fact that Sony suggests sticking around after the showcase to learn more details about some of the games featured in it.

You will be able to watch the showcase live on PlayStation’s official YouTube and Twitch.



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