PlayStation 5 Teardown Reveals an Elaborate Cooling System, Will it be Enough to Keep the Thermals and Noise in Check?

Sony has been keeping its cards close to its chest for the past few months. Even this close to the actual launch, Sony has not revealed everything to know about the console. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been very open from the very beginning. They even showcased the insides of the console late last year. Moreover, the previews of the Series X console has been out for a week.

Sony has only started showing the actual console to the people who do not work for the company. A handful of Japanese Youtubers were allowed to share their initial thoughts on the PlayStation 5 console two days ago. Now Sony has released the PlayStation 5 teardown showing how the company tries to solve the thermal situation and storage expansion. The video is present below for your viewing pleasures.

The PlayStation 5 consoles, especially the standard version, do look odd (futuristic); it seems Sony came up with the design after careful planning and considerations. The side panels of the console pop out very easily, leaving the internals bare. The ominous black panel on the front houses a USB-C (with up-to 10Gbps throughput) and a high-speed USB-A port. The rear end of the console houses two additional USB-A ports along with an ethernet port, HDMI-out, and the AC plug-in.

Yasuhiro Ootori, the head of design, also showed how to remove the stand from the base if you want to place the console horizontally. The fact that the stand houses the screw and a cap to put in place of the screw shows Sony has put a lot of effort into perfecting everything about the outside of the console.

120mm Fan Via Sony

Talking about the internals, Ootori showed how easy it is to remove the side panels. Once these are out of place, you can see a 120mm fan capable of intaking air from both sides. A little below the fan, there are two holes that are connected with the dust protector inside the internal housing; users can draw dust and debris out of the system without opening the whole unit.

Heatsink Via Sony

The PS3 and PS4/Pro consoles suffered from overheating issues and fan noises. To curb these, Sony went with a completely new cooling system that contains a big heatsink block and the use of liquid metal as a contact between the APU and the heatsink. Sony claims that the large heatsink has a similar cooling performance as a vapor chamber system. The initial previews also suggest that the PS5 console runs virtually quite during intense gaming sessions.

Lastly, it is too early to tell whether the new cooling system will be able to keep the thermals and noise in check or not. Regardless, with this teardown, Sony has tried to answer all of the design queries that users had during the initial reveal of the console.


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