PlayStation 5 Sales Skyrocket by 75% in the UK During Temporary Price Drop

The PlayStation 5 sales have witnessed a significant surge in the UK, jumping an impressive 75% in the last week alone. This surge in sales follows the first-ever temporary price drop for Sony’s latest gaming console, with retailers offering it for as low as £399

The sales boost was also accompanied by a remarkable 63% increase in revenue for the PlayStation 5, compared to the previous week. This success can be attributed to the temporary price cut, which was further sweetened by retailers like Amazon and GAME, offering additional games like LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Forspoken, and Saints Row alongside the reduced price.

However, it is essential for eager buyers to keep in mind that this enticing price drop is temporary. The console’s price is set to revert to its original cost later this month. So, If you are planning to buy a PlayStation 5, this could be your golden chance to get one at a discount.

PlayStation 5 in Different Colors | Sony

Throughout the past week, the average price of the PlayStation 5 was £423, which is only 6% lower than the previous week’s price of £451. Despite the price reduction, the Standard PlayStation 5 console emerged as the clear winner, with a remarkable 205% increase in unit sales and a 162% rise in revenue. 

This version of the console contributed to a significant 73% of overall sales. The price cut undoubtedly played a crucial role in boosting sales, but it’s worth noting that unofficial retail bundles featuring popular titles like Hogwarts Legacy, LEGO Star Wars, and Gran Turismo 7 were also in high demand.

Interestingly, last week marked the third-best week of the year for PlayStation 5 sales, with February witnessing a spike in sales due to a popular God of War Ragnarok hardware bundle.

2023 Proves to be a Successful Year for PlayStation 5 as Supply Improves

On the global stage, PlayStation 5 has been enjoying a successful year in 2023, with Sony managing to sell an impressive ten million units since the beginning of the year. This success comes after the console faced challenges during its initial years due to component shortages, hindering the ability to meet demand. 

However, Sony has made a remarkable recovery, with the PlayStation 5 now trailing just slightly behind its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. The total sales of PlayStation 5 have now surpassed 40 million units since its release.

The PlayStation 5 will surely surpass the PlayStation 4 in sales in the future, as the new versions of PlayStation 5; PlayStation 5 Slim and Pro, are expected to release later this year and the next year respectively. The new versions will immensely boost the sales of the console.

What are your thoughts about this news? Have you bought the PlayStation 5 recently, or are you one of the few lucky ones who got their hands on it at the time of its release? Let us know in the comments section below.



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