New PlayStation 5 Event Scheduled for September 16

as always, new leaks with every announcement

After months of rumors and silence, Sony has finally announced that the next PlayStation 5 event is on September 16. The event will be 40 minutes long, and it’s going to feature updates on already announced, and new titles. The timings for the event are 1:00 pm PT and 4:00 pm ET.

That’s all the information Sony announced but there is more. Meanwhile, check this cool trailer from Sony out.

Since the event will be 40 minutes long, there are high chances that we will get to hear about the PS5 Price. In case we don’t, then we might hear about the price and pre-order details at PAX. Team Microsoft has already announced the price for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which came out of nowhere. Other than this, they have also provided Installment plans and pre-order details on their website. To put it in perspective, It won’t make any sense If Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders start without Sony announcing their console’s price.

This event is probably the third last event since Sony is also going to participate in PAX. In addition, they will also host a new event in November.

PlayStation 5 September Event
This word Nimble sounds cool.

While writing this article, there is a rumor circled around a new game or project. If you open the PlayStation 5 Image from the blog in a new tab. The image has a directory that mentions “Project Nimble”. This might be just a codename for a the event. But, what if, Project Nimble is a new game that we haven’t heard of before. Maybe a newer mini PS5, that would take on Xbox Series S?

PS5 Release Date
PlayStation 5 Release Date on Amazon Japan. Translating this image will tell you the release date for this product is November 20, 2020.

In other news, Release Date for PlayStation 5 was leaked on Amazon earlier this day. The listing on Amazon suggested that PlayStation 5 will be released on November 20.

This leak has a bit of credibility because it was published on Amazon Japan. November also makes sense, because It is the actual “holiday 2020” we are waiting for.

In case you are wondering what the price for PlayStation 5 might be? check this Info we got yesterday.


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