US PlayStation 5 Imports Have Seen a Significant Rise Reaching 400% In September

According to an analyst, the number of US imports of the PlayStation 5 has significantly grown recently.

David Gibson, a well-known analyst with MST Financial, tweeted that import data appears to indicate that Sony Interactive has been expanding its imports in the US over the past several months, with imports for September 2022 having grown by 400% Year on Year.

According to the analyst’s data, Sony bought about 1.5 million kg in September 2021, while imports this month were more than 7 million kg. Sony brought almost 5 million kg into the US in August 2022. US imports rose significantly, especially when compared to the previous year. 

Lots of reports of improved PS5 supply in the past few months, but no data until now. Import data into the US confirms that Sony Interactive (PlayStation) shipments in Sept were +400% YoY. Yes you read that right. Some of that will go into inventory for GoW launch for sure.” 

-David Gibson 

Gibson looked at data for Microsoft as well, estimating that Xbox supply was up 89% year over year but he stressed that further analysis was needed to come to this conclusion.

In addition, he pointed out that Nintendo’s data appeared to be worse, with shipments down 59% year over year, but he also observed that Nintendo was also using air freight and that his study just covered sea freight, suggesting that perhaps things are not as terrible as they seem. 

Gibson’s research seems to support the claims made by chief Christopher Dring, who last week stated that PlayStation had a successful September in terms of platform availability. According to indications, Sony is getting ready for the holiday season and the release of God of War Ragnarok the following month.

Due to demand outstripping availability, there have been supply restrictions since the PS5’s introduction in November 2020. Sony had issued a warning that shortages were anticipated to last until 2022.

Fortunately, the PS5 supply has improved a bit over the previous few months, which was already foreseen by multiple experts.


Muhammad Zuhair

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