PlayStation 5 Records 59% Surge in UK Sales After Price Reduction

According to a recent report, Sony‘s PlayStation 5 has recorded an impressive surge in sales across the UK, primarily due to its recent price adjustment. The introduction of a new £399 price point two weeks ago has ignited a remarkable uptick in the demand for Sony’s next-generation gaming console.

The first week of the promotion alone drove a substantial 75% increase in console sales. As the second week unfolds, this surge in demand continues, with PlayStation 5 unit sales marking a significant 59% surge and a corresponding 51% increase in revenue. The latest sales data, sourced from GfK (via, reveals that last week emerged as the most successful sales week of the year for the PlayStation 5 in the UK.

Breaking down the statistics further, the Standard PlayStation 5 SKU (stock-keeping unit) has recorded a staggering 511% leap compared to the week preceding the price reduction initiative. Impressively, the Standard PlayStation 5 model secured 92% share of the total PlayStation 5 consoles sold during the past week.

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An overview of this year’s sales trajectory indicates a 73% rise in PlayStation 5 unit sales during the initial 31 weeks, representing a substantial 47% proportion of all home consoles sold thus far. This achievement is particularly noteworthy when compared to the same period last year when the PlayStation 5’s market share stood at 31%. So roughly a 13% YoY increment is gained by the PS5.

PlayStation 5 Sales in the UK Are Strong, Yet They Still Fell Short of Sony’s Expectations

Despite the promising growth, Sony’s Chief Operating Officer, Hiroki Totoki, revealed during a financial call that the UK’s performance had not met their initial expectations. Totoki acknowledged the sales target of 3.3 million PlayStation 5 units for the first quarter, highlighting a 38% year-on-year increase. 

However, this fell short of their annual goal of 25 million units. Totoki attributed this deviation to the promotions that commenced in July, expressing confidence that these initiatives would revitalize the momentum of sales.

Totoki emphasized the company’s dedication to enhancing PS5 hardware penetration, asserting their commitment to steadily implementing necessary measures to achieve the desired sales targets. Notably, the launch of highly anticipated titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and major third-party releases are anticipated to further invigorate the PS platform as a whole.

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Geographically, Totoki disclosed varying responses to the promotions. Japan and Asia experienced robust sales, while North America exhibited a favorable reaction to the initiative. In the UK, however, the response was more subdued, but the broader European market demonstrated robust performance.

According to, retailers played a significant role in fostering this surge by bundling software offerings with the PlayStation 5 console. Titles like Saints Row, Forspoken, and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga were packaged to create enticing deals.

The PlayStation 5 hardware’s average selling price experienced an 11% decline since the inception of these promotions. A notable highlight is the fact that the average price of the most popular PlayStation 5 bundle last week, which included the PlayStation 5 Standard edition and a game, was priced at £401.

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