You can play Overwatch for FREE this weekend

From May 25th - 28th, be the hero & save the world

If you are among those fans of Overwatch who love the game but never really got the chance to play, then this is your time to shine. As the second anniversary celebrations are on-going, everyone* is invited to play Overwatch.

Some of you may be extremely excited so we’ll get right to it. In order to play Overwatch for free during this weekend, here’s what you have to do. Head over to and download the desktop client (in case you’re a pc gamer), or fire up your consoles (PS4 or Xbox One). PC gamers will need to create a Blizzard account whereas for PS4 & Xbox One can search for Overwatch in their store.

The best part about Overwatch’s FREE Weekend is that you can select from a complete 27 hero roster, enjoy 18 maps in different modes, customize and level-up your hero, earn loot boxes and continue from all your saved progress in case you later decide to buy Overwatch.

Please note that the Free Weekend is offered in all regions on the consoles Xbox One & PlayStation 4. Whereas for PC gamers, it will be available in selected regions (i.e. Americas, Europe & Asia – excluding Korea).

*For detailed instructions, you can head over to Blizzard.

Aaron Michael
Aaron Micheal is an electrical engineer by profession and a hard-core gamer by passion. His exceptional experience with computer hardware and profound knowledge in gaming makes him a very competent writer. What makes him unique is his growing interest in the state of the art technologies that motivates him to learn, adopt, and integrate latest techniques into his work.