Google’s Pixel Foldable Plastic Dummy Leaks Online Showcasing its Design

A plastic prototype of the rumoured Pixel foldable was featured in a video uploaded by YouTuber Dave2D. The information is in line with past disclosures. Although it isn’t official yet, the Pixel Fold might as well be. We received renders last month. Now that he had an allegedly fake Pixel folding model, Dave2D extrapolated a tonne of functionality from the plastic’s largely featureless design. 

With the exception of the massive camera island, the hinge design, and the thick bezels, the grey plastic device is essentially consistent with the leaked renderings we saw in December

Dummy Unit of the Pixel Fold | Image: Dave2D

Here are some of the highlighted features of the dummy: 

  • Based on the hinge, the interior screen should have have a gentler center crease than the Samsung Z Fold 4.
  • The 7.67-inch interior screen has surprisingly thick bezels — around 5mm, in Dave’s estimation — possibly to cut costs and avoid having a camera cutout.
  • The 5.79-inch outer screen is a little shorter and wider than the Z Fold 4, and does seem to have a selfie cam cutout.
  • There are speaker grills top and bottom. 

Although Dave withheld his source, dimensionally exact blanks like these are typically supplied to case manufacturers before the introduction of the gadget so they may prepare the necessary accessories. That timeframe coincides with the leak from December, which pointed to a formal announcement at Google I/O in May, however additional leaks have pointed to an autumn launch.  

Pixel Foldable Benchmarks were Leaked Previously on Geekbench 5

The codename “Felix” for Google’s foldable Pixel is frequently used, and Geekbench 5 previously made available the integrated SoC’s single-core and multi-core scores. Performance-wise, Tensor G2, which has scores of 1047 and 3257, is anticipated to be installed in the foldable. The design renderings that have been leaked for the Pixel Fold suggest that it will almost certainly adhere to the same design language as the Pixel 7 series.

A different angle, showing the back side | fpt

The Google Pixel foldable release date has been a subject of rumors for a while; however, because of the ambiguous circumstances surrounding the words, some sources claimed the project was shelved in 2021 and again in 2022. A report in The New York Times claimed that Google is still planning to make its foldable phone, which is scheduled to appear in 2023.

Credits: The Verge


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