Google’s Foldable Pixel is as Powerful as a Pixel 7 Pro in Leaked Benchmarks

There are rumors that Google is developing a revolutionary foldable smartphone. However, it was reported that Google discontinued its foldable smartphone project because of fierce competition. Recent events, however, imply that the project has now been resumed.  

Google’s foldable Pixel is often known by the codename “Felix,” and Geekbench 5 has revealed both the single-core and multi-core scores for the integrated SoC. Performance-wise, the foldable is expected to be equipped with Tensor G2, which has a score of 1047 and 3257 respectively. Despite the fact that this makes the chipset far slower than the competition, we’ll see what improvements Google makes to the Pixel Fold to make it responsive for tasks that users will encounter in the real world.

The Tensor G2 operating in the “Felix” maintains the same CPU arrangement. You get four Cortex-A55 cores with a frequency of 1.80GHz, two Cortex-A78 cores with a mid-range frequency of 2.35GHz, and two high-performance Cortex-X2 cores running at 2.85GHz. Aside from that, the purported smartphone has 12GB RAM and comes pre-installed with Android 13.

The design renderings that have been leaked for the Pixel Fold suggest that it will almost certainly adhere to the same design language as the Pixel 7 series. Other information about the Pixel Fold include these. The gadget will be made of glass and metal. It will have the same Pixel 7 series-inspired camera module design. The visor has an LED flash module and a triple camera system. The Pixel Fold will debut in Chalk and Obsidian colours, according to the leaked information.

Camera View of the Pixel Fold | Image: fpt

It will have an 8-inch foldable display with a top and bottom bezel that are a little thicker. A 9.5MP front camera will be located on the top bezel. The 9.5MP second front camera will reportedly be sliced out of a 6.19-inch cover panel on the exterior of the Pixel Fold. It is anticipated to cost $1799. Given that the Tensor G3 won’t be ready until Q4 of 2023 rather than earlier, it is safe to conclude that the Pixel Fold will feature the same hardware as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro when it is introduced in a year.


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