Pixel 5 To Have 100% Recyclable Aluminium Back: A New “Sorta Sage” Colour Confirmed As Well

Pixel devices are perhaps one of the most leaked pieces of technology out there. Not only are these shown off pretty early on, but their renders are also available months before the official launch. For the upcoming Pixel 5, we already know most of the specs, the new mid-range strategy from the company and whatnot. Renders show what the Pixel 5 would look like. In this tweet, we shine further light on to the material for the Pixel 5.

Taking its source from WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, the backend article talks about another colour for the Pixel 5. This would be called “sorta sage”. According to the article, the close up shows a clean, somewhat green colour with little, darker specs etched into the material. We also get a good look at the camera module which has the cutout for the microphone.

The Pixel 5 Has Wireless Charging With an Aluminium Back?

Another thing the article highlights is what the Pixel 5 would be made of. While previous versions were Aluminium with the back being glass to support wireless charging, this time it would be different. According to Roland’s sources, the entire back for the device would be made out of 100% recyclable aluminium. Not only that, but the device would be quite similar to the existing Pixel 4a. Now, we may question, where does this land the device in terms of wireless charging. Well, Roland commented that while it would be made out of aluminium, there would be a cutout on the back, not visible, housing a glass finish. This would be used to support Wireless Charging. While they can choose to omit it altogether, it wouldn’t really make much sense since this phone isn’t really a “budget” device.

The article concludes that we now know almost all of the details for the upcoming device. All that remains are the pricing and availability. To be honest, at the speed it is going, we may know these things in the days to come.


Sarmad Burki

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