Piriform Releases Updated CCleaner V5.46 with a ‘Smart Cleaning’ option

A new version 5.46 of CCleaner has been released by Piriform. The previous version has been revised with regards to the telemetry settings. A press release sent to Gunter Born had this information.

Background of the Issue

The CCleaner version 5.45 had been released by Security vendor AVAST, developed by Piriform that was acquired in 2017, and improved it considerably in telemetry data acquisition. This led to a great outcry in the user community and users were not really enthusiastic about this upgrade. At the start of August 2018, Piriform categorically decided to entirely withdraw version 5.45 of the CCleaner.

Fix in the CCleaner V5.46

After a complete revision of the previous version, the CCleaner that has now been released in version 5.46 is an improved one. In the press release received by Born, it was written:

Piriform Software Ltd. brings with V 5.46 a revised version of CCleaner on the market. The software cleans and optimizes computers worldwide and runs PCs at peak performance. In the now released version especially the data settings have been revised.

To this end, Piriform has released a new leaflet to help CCleaner users better understand how the software works and privacy options, and what data is being transmitted and why it is needed. The CCleaner product collects anonymous data without personal information for statistical analysis.

The current release separates the delivery of anonymous usage data introduced in version 5.45 from the monitoring feature controlled by the Active Monitoring checkbox. Now, in the form of a ‘privacy’ tab, a separate control for the reporting of anonymous data has been introduced, which users can switch off at any time.

In the current version, the monitoring feature, which monitors the junk level of a device to trigger automatic cleaning and notifications from the user, was renamed “Smart Cleaning.” The Smart Cleaning options are now more focused, making it easier for the user to choose between the options available.

If the user deactivates Smart Cleaning, CCleaner shuts down the background processes of CCleaner, that is, even if the program is closed and restarted. Only with a renewed activation by the user these functions can be started again.

Ccleaner remains a vastly downloaded software with more than two billion downloads worldwide and has a large user base with almost eight million active users. Installed more than twenty-three million times a month, it seems to have a mature performance for anti-virus software.


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