Pinguy OS Release 18.04.1 Updates Firefox Package to 61.0.1 and other minor updates

Pinguy OS, a free opensource Ubuntu offshoot distribution created for Linux beginners, has just released a new version of its operating system: version 18.04.1. This is a basic update to the version 18.04 which was released early last month. The update brings a few noticeable changes. These include design changes such as the fact that icons in the system tray are now stacked closer together. This new update also enables Qt applications to use the default Gnome GTK theme. In addition to this High Dots Per Inch (HiDPI) has now been added to the Gnome options.

Pinguy OS is a user-friendly operating system that is particularly designed with the introductory level Linux user in mind. The operating system boasts out-of-the-box support for multimedia codecs and browser plugins and its GNOME user interface is well designed to create aesthetic and efficient layouts on the screen.

The latest update was released just hours ago. Its size varies between 1600 and 3000 MB depending upon the configurations selected. The version is for the x86_64 processor architecture only and there are 5 key packages that have received substantial upgrades.

The firefox package is now present in version 61.0.1. The grub package has been upgraded to version 2.02. The gtk+ package has been upgraded to version 3.22.30 and the mesa package has been upgraded to version 18.1.5. In addition to this, the vlc package has been upgraded to 3.0.3. Other packages have also received updates but these 5 stand out as the ones that have received whole number upgrades.

Pinguy claims that this point release is only a minor update of version 18.04 and users who are already running version 18.04 don’t need to upgrade their systems for any critical cause. The developers note that the update comes with Nemo 3.8.5 and Kernel Users can download the latest Pinguy OS in Mini-LTS (download) as well as Full-LTS (download) in x86-64.

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Pinguy OS Release 18.04.1 Updates Firefox Package to 61.0.1 and other minor updates

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